Life may have many ups and downs. If the worst happens to you, your spouse and dependents may find it very difficult to maintain their standard of living, or to pay off an outstanding mortgage. The Guaranteed Personal Protection Plan covers you for a specified term, on payment of regular premium during the full term. The beneficiary gets a tax free cash lump sum if you die during the term of the plan. Your loved ones are protected from life’s uncertainties, and their dreams are not shattered.

The GPPP can be written on a single or joint life (first death).

The plan does not have any cash in value at any time. If you survive the plan term, you do not get back anything.

The Guarenteed Personal Protection Plan at a glance:

 Minimum/Maximum age at entry 18 years/ 69 years
 Maximum age at maturity  74 years
 Plan Options Level TermDecreasing Term
 Minimum/Maximum term  5 years (for lives assured between 18 – 55 years, the minimum term is 10 years)/ 40 years
 Minimum Premium  £5 per month/ £60 per year
 Premium Modes  Monthly/ yearly