You will need a long term savings plan to be able to achieve your long term goals in life. You can even take out a savings plan for a child. An ideal way to save for further education or a special birthday gift.

When you’ve decided to save, it makes sense that you take advantage of all the tax-efficient options available to you. LIC UK’s savings plans are designed to give you the advantage of long term savings to provide a lump sum at the end of the savings period. Your savings plan also includes life cover in the form of a guaranteed sum assured, to protect your savings goal in case of your unfortunate demise during the savings plan. So it protects your loved ones during the entire savings period.

LICI UK has a choice of traditional with profit plans and unit linked plans:

From just £50 a month you can save up to a maximum of £300 a month and know that what you get back at the end of the term will be free from personal income and capital gains taxes. At the end of the savings period, the money is yours to spend how you wish.

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