An endowment with profit regular savings plan that provides the benefits of savings and life cover. You save regularly for a fixed term and at the end of the term/ on your death, you receive the guaranteed sum assured along with vested bonuses. The guaranteed sum assured is at least 75% of your total premiums paid over the plan term. You may also receive a terminal bonus if you continue the plan until maturity or death of the policy holder.

One of the special features of the plan is you pay a higher sum for the first 5 years of the plan, and then, according to your circumstances and requirements, you are able to pay almost half of your initial premium for the rest of the plan term.

The plan can be held on a single life only.

Please see the Key Information Document for more details (15 years, 20 years, 25 years).

The Special High Start Bonusbuilder Plan at a glance

Minimum Premium £50 per month/ £600 per annum
 Maximum Premium  £300 per month/ £3,600 per annum (to qualify for tax benefits)
 Minimum / Maximum Policy Term  10 / 25 years
Minimum / Maximum age at entry  18  / 59 years
 Maximum age at maturity 74 years
Modes of Premium Payment  Monthly/ Annually
Additional Riders  Accidental Death/ Permanent Disability benefit