Charges Explained

  • There will be a plan charge deducted from the premium monthly/yearly.
  • All other charges are included within the with profit fund.
  • An early surrender charge applies to both the guaranteed sum assured and bonuses declared.
  • Mortality charges are inbuilt into the premium.

Tax Implications:

The Special High Start Bonusbuilder Plan is a qualifying policy. Provided that you maintain premium payments for at least 10 years or ¾ of the plan term if less, and subject to the total of premiums for all your qualifying policies in a year does not exceed £3,600 per annum, you do not have any further tax liabilities on the maturity proceeds. The fund pays tax on the underlying investments, and you do not have further tax liabilities.

Unless subject to a trust the policy forms part of the deceased’s estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.