LIC UK Values:

LIC UK recognises that customer service is of paramount importance in a successful organisation.We aim to deal with our customers in an open and transparent manner making our products as easy to understand as possible.


Individual ISA Accounts

When you decide to save, it makes sense to take advantage of all the tax-efficient options available to you. Our Steady Growth With Profit ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA.
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Lump Sum Investments

At some time in your life, you will probably have a lump sum of money that you wish to invest. Whether an inheritance, or a payout from a life assurance policy or a lump sum payment at retirement.
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Making sure that your partner and loved ones are financially secure when you are not around, is very important.
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Regular Savings

You will need a long term savings plan to be able to achieve your long term goals in life. You can even take out a savings plan for a child. An ideal way to save for further education or a special birthday gift.
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Fund Prices

For detailed information on our funds simply select the product you require by clicking on the relevant button.
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Online Application Forms

Now Applying online is easier than ever. LICIUK has now simplified the online application process by providing you with easy Online Application Forms. Click on the button below to access the Online Application Forms.
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Benefits at a glance

ISA - Benefits

  • You can start contributing as little as £100 a month or £4000 single premium.
  • 100% allocation of your investment.
  • No restrictive clauses or ‘lock-ins’
  • You can invest in LICI UK Steady Growth with Profit ISA upto £20,000.
  • applied on 10th anniversary and on every 5th anniversary thereafter or on earlier death.
  • Potential for capital growth as the investment is managed professionally with 50% exposure to equities.

Lump Sum Investments - Benefits

  • A profit bond giving smooth and stable return in the form of bonuses.
  • Protection of your lump sum investment along with decent return.
  • Potential to grow your capital in a spread of professionally managed investments.
  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced investment managers.
  • Guaranteed cash sum and life cover.
  • Option to transfer the policy to India.
  • Can be assigned to a Trust.

Protection - Benefits

  • The beneficiary gets a cash lump sum on death of the life assured.
  • Your premium is fixed at the outset and guaranteed not to increase.
  • The GPPP is normally free of all restrictions as to travel, residence and occupation.
  • Based on the current foreign exchange rules the plans can be transferred to India.
  • Can be assigned to a trust.