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Interactive Tools

Making the link between your real life needs, your existing budget and the type of financial products that will provide for these can be a complex task. The LICI UK website has interactive tools to help you bridge this gap:

Personal Budget Calculator allows you to calculate your monthly disposable income.
The Pension Calculator allows you to […]

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Fund Prices

For detailed information on our funds simply select the product you require by clicking on the relevant button.

Capital Investment Bond
Fund Offer(p) Bid(p) Last Valuation
Balanced Managed 1.83 1.83 23/04/2015
Bond Fund 1.43 1.43 23/04/2015
Defensive Managed 1.47 1.47 23/04/2015

The purchase or sale of units will […]

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Regular Savings

You will need a long term savings plan to be able to achieve your long term goals in life. You can even take out a savings plan for a child. An ideal way to save for further education or a special birthday gift.

When you’ve decided to save, it makes sense that you take advantage of […]

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Making sure that your partner and loved ones are financially secure when you are not around, is very important.

Take a closer look at what will happen financially after your death. There may be a drop in income or the loss of a career. There will undoubtedly be a drop in the standard of living. If […]

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Lump Sum Investments

At some time in your life, you will probably have a lump sum of money that you wish to invest. Whether an inheritance, or a payout from a life assurance policy or a lump sum payment at retirement.

Whilst you may wish to spend some of it straight away, you may want to invest the rest […]

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Individual Savings Accounts

When you decide to save, it makes sense to take advantage of all the tax-efficient options available to you. Our Steady Growth With Profit ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA, tax efficient and professionally managed offering good growth potential. For full details read the Product Summary, Key Information Document and Terms and Conditions.

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