A traditional with profit lump sum investment, where the investment is held over the medium to long term with capital protection in the form of a guaranteed cash sum and life cover. It provides stable returns in the form of bonuses added to the plan. There may be a terminal bonus if the plan is held to maturity or earlier death of policy holder during the plan term.

The plan can be held on single life basis only.

The policy is non-qualifying, which means, you may incur tax liability on a ‘chargeable event’. Death, maturity or surrender of the bond gives rise to a chargeable event.

Please read the Key Information Document for more details (10 years, 15 years, 20 years) .

Capital With Profit Bond at a glance

Minimum/ Maximum Investment £5,000* / no upper limit
Modes of Premium Payment Lump sum (single)
Minimum / Maximum age at entry 18 / 59 years
Minimum / Maximum age at maturity 23 / 74 years
Minimum / Maximum Policy Term 5 / 20 years
* £2,000 in case of reinvestment of existing LIC policy maturity proceeds