Benefit at Glance

  • Value of your investment increases daily in line with the declared bonuses and the capital value is guaranteed on the 10th anniversary and on every 5th anniversary thereafter.
  • You can start contributing as little as £100 a month or £4000 single premium.
  • 100% allocation of your investment.
  • No restrictive clauses or ‘lock-ins’
  • You can invest in LICI UK Steady Growth with Profit ISA upto the maximum of £20,000 between 6th April 2017 and 5th April 2018.
  • Early exit penalties for first three years only.
  • We may apply Market Value Reduction if you withdraw at a time when the stock market is performing badly. However it will not to be applied on 10th anniversary and on every 5th anniversary thereafter or on earlier death.
  • Potential for capital growth as the investment is managed professionally with 50% exposure to equities.