An endowment with profit regular savings plan that provides the benefits of savings and life cover. You save regularly for a fixed term and at the end of the term/ on your death, you receive the guaranteed sum assured along with vested bonuses. The guaranteed sum assured is at least 75% of your total premiums paid over the plan term. You may also receive a terminal bonus if you continue the plan until maturity or death of the policy holder.

One of the special features of the plan is you pay a higher sum for the first 5 years of the plan, and then, according to your circumstances and requirements, you are able to pay a fraction of your initial premium for the rest of the plan term. You may be able to contribute a half (for 10 year plan only), a third, a quarter or a fifth of your basic contribution paid in the first 5 years, the reduction being dependent upon the option selected at the start of your plan.

The plan can be held on a single life only.

Please see the Key Information Document for more details (10 years, 15 years, 20 years).

The High Start Bonusbuilder Plan at a glance

Minimum Premium £50 per month/ £600 per annum
 Maximum Premium £300 per month/ £3,600 per annum (subject to qualifying rules)
 Minimum / Maximum Policy Term 10 / 25 years
Minimum / Maximum age at entry 18  / 59 years
 Maximum age at maturity  74 years (64 years for jointly held plans)
Modes of Premium Payment  Monthly/ Annually
Additional Riders  Accidental Death/ Permanent Disability benefit